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Doggie Business Grooming

Doggie Business is building a Grooming shop in the Downtown area, working on the shop is a joy for sure.

We will have a washroom with a Lazy Suzan Grooming table, a drying room,  and a reception area in the backyard.(that’s what we are calling the reception area).

We are very excited about it and we Really thank all the Customers that Gylinda has Groomed so far, we know it’s difficult to run to Pueblo to get your dog groomed and we are working vigorously to get The Doggie Business shop open.


Doggie Business is all about dogs, their needs, their habitat essentials. All the services that a dog may need should be available to all dogs.

We have charged ourselves with the Committed that dogs in General are special that not only do they help and Protect us they become family to Most of us.

We shall treat dogs with the upmost respect that we would like to be treated, we can pamper, love and enjoy the company of dogs.

Therefor We are Licensed and insured to provide all the services we can for all the doggies.

We are PACFA licensed Pet Handlers, We Belong to the Pet Sitters Association, Better Business Bureau and volunteer at Noah’s Arc.

Poop Scooping:

We are a Canine Poop Scooping Business that comes to your house and cleans up after your pets when you need it.

We have a 1st Time clean up fee of $50.00  for up to 3 dog’s with a scheduled plan for continued scooping’s, to get us off to a great start. 

Each plan prices are for each visit.

1 Visit a week:
 1 Dog: $10.00 per visit
 2 to 3 Dogs: – $18.00 per visit

2 Visits a week:
 1 Dog: $7.50 per visit
 2 to 3 Dogs: $13.00 per visit

2 Visits a month:
 1 Dog: $25.00 per visit 
 2 to3 Dogs: $35.00 per visit

Once per month: (not recommended)
$50.00 per Dog
epending on How many Dogs and how big the clean up area is

Doggie Yard Care:

We only provide the yard care service for those with Dogs.

Mowing and weed eating based on an average back yard 30′ x 40′ and vegetation of 6″ or less with Poop scoop services $50.00

Move out poop scooping special – $50.00 per dog  ,

Back Yards:

Front and Back Yards:

Our Other Services:

Doggie Pedicurist:
Trim Nails and Color $15.00 Per Dog, and we will be announcing a Doggie nails day, walk-ins always welcome. Until the shop is open I can come to your home.

Doggie Hygienist:
Brush Them Teeth $10.00 per Dog


Doggie Check-ups:
Based on 2 visits $25.00 per dog per day, Benefits are that your Dog/Dogs are at home, no cage, plenty of belly rub’s fed and watered.

Doggie Walking:
$20.00 Per Dog Per 15 to 30 Minutes, dog park trip is an option.

Doggie Appointment Transportation Within Colorado
$20.00 per Dog 1 way in Trinidad.

+$2.00 a mile outside of Trinidad + $20.00 pickup Fee per dog.

Example: Transporting a Dog to the Angelus Chapel Mortuaries, 1101 E EVANS AVE crematorium in pueblo is 96.5 miles X $2.00 a mile =$193.00 + $20.00 Pickup fee per dog = $213.00 Total cost.

Call to set up your Cleanup TODAY! 719-220-0400

E-mail us at info@Doggie-Business.com

Serving Trinidad, Colorado & Las Animas County

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