Poop Scooping, Yard Care.

New to the area, a service badly needed, for the community Residents and Businesses alike. Various Prices for 1 dog to 5 dogs. can Clean and maintain Dog yards. Grass is recommend for the Dogs, Dirt is ok, Rocks not recommended. in the maintenance of the Dog yards we can Mow, weed eat, clear dog areas of dangerous branches trim Tree branches away from The dogs reach, trim and tie Bushes from rodent and snake hiding places. we are coming out with our own Poop scoop stations for the Businesses in the area. The poop scoop stations will help the public find a place for their dogs to go, there will be Poop bags and a trash receptacle for their convenience. Maintaining the Poop scoop stations include Poop scooping a 25 foot area surrounding the Poop scoop station, restocking the Poop scoop bags and trash receptacle bags on a daily or bi-daily basis. some areas only need a bi-weekly maintenance. we can survey the area and find out which you need. We will also be designing and building Dog yards(Doggie Yard scaping), to accommodate the yards use for the Dogs.